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Skiing beginners can get discounted lessons in New York
People who want to rent a skiing chalet in the US but are unsure about taking part in winter sports may like to take advantage of discounted lessons in New York.

January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month in New York, which could be the ideal opportunity for both beginners and more experienced winter sports fans to pick up some extra skills.

Around 26 skiing resorts in the New York area are participating in the event and visitors can download 20 per cent off vouchers for these venues.

These vouchers can be used on skiing lesson packages, which include ski lifts, lessons and rentals.

Therefore, those who want to rent out a skiing chalet to learn how to ski may like to go to New York to take advantage of these cheaper lessons.

There is no limit to how many vouchers can be redeemed or the amount of lessons taken.

Guy Aime-Hudry, head manager of the French Ski School, recommended that both beginners and more experienced skiers should hire an instructor as they will know the slopes and can design an itinerary based on the weather and quality of the snow.