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Rent a cottage in France and enjoy an affordable holiday in Montpelier
Brits who wish to rent a cottage in France may like to do so in Montpellier as it is affordable, suggests an expert.

Guillaume Chauvin, spokesman for ATOUT France, the France Tourism Development Agency, stated that the majority of the residents are aged under 35 as it is a university city.

As a result, the restaurants, bars and clubs are affordable, with some even being free.

He said: "The old town has lots of amazing and puzzling secrets that one should definitely try to discover with a local guide.

"Shopaholics will be delighted by the large amount of small shops around the Place de la Comedie et Place Jean Jaures, where students like to spend hours enjoying a drink with friends or studying in front of a coffee."

Therefore, anyone who wants to rent a cottage in France in this area will be able to find something to keep them entertained.

Those who wish to rent a cottage in France will find they can fly to Montpellier more often and for a reasonable price from Manchester Airport.

That is because from July 2nd bmibaby will be running two flights a week to the region from £40.99 one way including taxes.