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Beginners planning to rent a skiing chalet advised to hire instructor
Beginners at winter sports may like to hire an instructor when they rent a skiing chalet in France, it has been suggested.

Guy Aime-Hudry, head manager of the French Ski School, which teaches skiing and snowboarding techniques, made these recommendations.

He said: "Hiring an instructor is a good solution for beginners to know the right position, the right exercises to start skiing.

"For people who are used to skiing frequently, hiring an instructor is a good way to enjoy skiing without taking care of where you have to go."

Therefore, hiring an instructor could be a good idea for anyone planning to hire a skiing chalet in places such as France.

Mr Aime-Hudry added that ski instructors know the slopes very well and can plan a perfect itinerary based on the sunshine, quality of the snow and beauty of the landscape.

Those planning to rent a skiing chalet in the Alps may be pleased to hear that snow has already started to fall.

The Association of British Travel Organisers to France revealed on January 12th that the Alps had had several inches of snow overnight with more expected.